Black rappers are some of the most progressive white supremacist on planet earth, they openly and aggressively promote ignorance, violence, degradation, exploitation, death, hedonism, materialism, and spiritual erosion to the black community. It never occurs to us or to the black rappers for that matter, that white men pay them millions of dollars to erode black souls, and to systematically destroy generations of younger black souls to come.



but, the beats go hard as fuck though. 




Anonymous asked:

Why dont you see yourself dating anyone?

blkdzn answered:

no one impresses me. people are one of two things. always. either ignorant or pretentious. very hard finding someone whose knowledgeable and yet down to earth. and even once you get past that this is a generation of microwave love. no one puts time in anymore. people want love NOW. takes time and nurturing. people are more concerned with who their significant other likes on Instagram than the attention being given to them in the relationship. people are lazy too. everyone is selfish and no one knows who they are and when you dont know who you are you cant share yourself with anyone. and then theres sex. which has been cheapened and commercialized and made into a joke absent of intimacy. people used to spend time looking into each other’s eyes to search the soul. now we do it to take good selfies so we look cute on tunblr because we’re so happy together with our boos and bae’s lol blahhhhh lollol you all have cheapened love. made is lazy. made it weak. made is ugly. people just dont impress me anymore.